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The Tea on Self-Care

Hey Lovely, self-care is a unique practice for everyone, intended to help you feel grounded, calm and rejuvenated every day. In the busy modern world, so many of us struggle with daily stress, endless screen time and overwhelming to-do lists. That being said, many people have daily routines that are non-negotiable, even during hectic seasons of life. 
The best way to incorporate self-care into your life is to consider how you can enhance existing daily rituals. Perhaps this is taking a shower, bubble bath, reading, exercising or doing your skincare.
In our opinion, skincare is a simple yet powerful way to show yourself some quality TLC. Just imagine if you could transform your skincare regimen into an indulgent self-care ritual. Sometimes adding a few extra steps is all you need to experience maximum relaxation and rejuvenation. Setting the mood is a perfect way to ensure skincare self care.
If you feel like your mornings are rushed, consider adding some extra steps to your evening routine. Wherever you do your skincare, set the mood to prepare yourself for ultimate relaxation. This can include lighting a candle, turning on a salt lamp, or playing some of your favorite ambient music. After a shower, put on a robe or a cozy pajama set to stay warm during your self-care ritual. Calm yourself from within with a warm evening tea with Calm Beauty French Lavender Tea  to relax your mind.


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