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Yes, smells like CBD!

Fresh . Sustainable . Organic . Hemp


Each skincare batch is made exclusively.

Available only once, each strain of topical-CBD used is different in every release of face serums. Organic, sustainable environmentally friendly hemp.


Third Party Tested

We ensure the quality, potency, and purity of the ingredients for the world.


From The Farm To Your Face

Freshly made face serums made with Glycolic acid, Hyaluronic acid, rich oils, and Plant Derivatives


5 Step Skincare Routine

From the Farm To Your Body. Fresh, Sustainable Organic skincare.

We Are Charleston, SC 1st Luxury CBD Skincare Brand!

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Love The Planet & It's Living Organisms

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Our Story

From Farm To Face Skincare Carefully Created

"At night, as a little girl, in the bathroom with my mother, I would watch her regularly practice her skincare routines, using only natural skin care products. She'd gently wash and moisturize her face using organic ingredients such as coconut oil or olive oil. Leaving her with wrinkle-free, even-toned, soft, and glowing skin - even into her mature age. I decided to share this with other women looking for organic skincare practices that help them age gracefully and obtain healthy skin like my mother. Combining my love for the avant-garde skincare ingredient CBD, organic ingredients, and sustainability was birthed She Biology Skincare. We only use organic, nature-based formulations that are sure to delight your face and body. The hemp strain is exclusively new and different from the last in each skincare collection. All our products are organic, sustainable, made with outdoor-grown ingredients, and is environmentally friendly."

"Our products have a shorter shelf life because there are no synthetic preservatives in them. We manufacture them in small volumes in South Carolina. "Waste not, want not" is our motto. Immediately after the products have been produced, they are stored in cold rooms before being transported to your home."

- Owner, Chinenyem Nwadiugwu

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Pain Reliever & Serenity Mind Bundle

A complete at-home serenity spa oasis experience. Take a sip of tea while you massage the muscle pain away.


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