She Biology's Clean Standard

We are a compassionate sanctuary for the skincare community, meticulously growing and crafting clean products that transcend the ordinary, offering a mindful wellness journey. We're passionate about growing clean CBD. We're passionate about providing safe skincare for humans, animals, and our planet Earth. It began with our founder's mission to create products her two-time cancer survivor mother could safely use.

While our skincare is for everyone, we also cater to the BIPOC community, who for years faced harmful products affecting their health. We are the change.

Elevating our standards, we define cleanliness through pristine ingredients, sustainable packaging, conscientious sourcing, and the empowerment of minority communities through job opportunities.

We Grow Clean Plants

Why do we test our CBD?

We regulate ourselves. Our test ensures accurate lableing and purity of the terepene. Lab testing is important because it provides each consumer with accurate information on the other cannabinoids and compounds present within the product.  

What do we test for?

Pesticides, terpene levels

  • Clean Ingredients

    We adhere to strict standard of prohibiting toxic ingredients according to this list. View our prohibited ingredients below.

    View Our Prohibited Ingredients
  • Sustainable Packaging

    To the best of our small business financial capabilities we use glass base bottling and recyclabe cardboard for shipping and packaing.

  • Employing The BIOPIC Community

    We seek to employ BIOPIC and economically disadvantage individuals to empower our community financially.

  • USDA & Fairtrade Certified

    Transparency is our cornerstone. We proudly work with partners certified organic by the USDA and Fairtrade, ensuring ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility.

  • Environmental Friendly Partnerships

    We partner with farmers and manufacturers who cultivate clean ingredients through pesticide-free farming and responsible water management.