Beauty Ritual Micro-moments of Calm - How to turn your skincare routines into self care.

Beauty Ritual Micro-moments of Calm - How to turn your skincare routines into self care.

Hi beautiful. I kept thinking how can I share my beauty ritual that has transformed my life over a period of time. My intentional beauty ritual actions have replaced strain with peace.

Life can be a tsunami. Every day whether small or large, a wave crashes onto our life's shore, causing fear, anxiety, sickness, and emotional breakdowns. Until our minds come crashing down in the form of tears, anguish, or even worse, a broken spirit. Typically, we remedy these challenging times with a self-care act to replace strain with peace. However, with a compact day of "need to dos," completing long self-care rituals such as 30-minute yoga, 20-minute meditation, or even a 45 min massage is quite challenging. Turning ordinary skincare everyday moments into micro-moments of self-care will slowly chip away at stressful wave crashes on our minds. I call these moments "beauty ritual micro-moments of calmness steeped in intentional creation of positive moments."

When you wake up in the morning, you can choose your mood based on intentional positive moments. Author Dr. Barbara Fredrickson of "Positivity" states that "positivity psychology acknowledges that our actions and mindsets contribute to how well we feel. Our moods, our health, and our sense of connection." With the assistance of our typical skincare routine, we can combine micro-moments of positivity and mindfulness to relieve stress, create a positive mood, and recognize our gratitude. For example, as I apply my 4-step skincare routine, personally, I will give thanks for the love of God in my life. As I do so, I am pressing the Superfood Rosewater Essence into my face. Focusing on the smell of floral roses, the coolness of the liquid essence, and dwelling only on my present immediate environment of quietness. This 10-15 minute process allows me to remember what to be grateful for, to show myself love, and to always cast my cares upon my God. 

You can implement this beauty ritual morning and night using your intentional positive micro-moments and mindfulness. Now you have truly created a self-care beauty ritual of calmness.

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